canned motor pump FAQ

F:The definition of canned motor pump?
Q:Pump contains two parts : body and motor ( with wet rotor ) . Pump body contains impeller while motor consists of stator , rotor , shield cover and bearing base . The pump does not use mechanical seal . The stator and rotor are sealed with shield cover made of stainless steel to play no leakage function . Our products use the sliding bearing to achieve a low noise .
F:The comparison between mechanical pump and canned motor pump
Q:The advantage of canned motor pump : / Low Noise ( sliding bearing , transmission medium self-cooling ) / Maintenance Free ( ceramic bearing , wear and stable ) / Long Life ( use at least 5 years ) / Small Volume ( pump integrate with motor , compact structure ) / No Leakage ( static seal , no wear , good effect ) /
The disadvantage of canned motor pump : / Slightly Lower Efficiency / No Dry Running /
The advantage of mechanical pump : / High Efficiency /
The disadvantage of mechanical pump : / Big Noise ( Cool the motor by the fan ) / Much faults ( mechanical seals are easily damaged ) / Short Life ( use at most two years ) / Big Volume ( having the coupling and fan )
F:Why axial horizontal installation is required by canned motor pump ?
Q:1.Cause the sliding bearing is lubricated by the medium conveyed by the pump . If not horizontal installation , will easily cause a lack of fluid for the bearing and insufficient lubrication , leading to bearing damage caused by dry grinding .
2.If not installed horizontally , the pump will have a wobble and not stable during operation .
3.Meanwhile , due to improper installation will lead to gases which can not be exhausted . Thus affecting cycle cooling and causing temperature rising of the motor .
F:The application field of canned motor pump ?
Q:1.Civil Field : Can be used for wall hung gas boiler , heating and circulating water system , air conditioning water system , water booster , pump with high-speed rail locomotive and so on .
2.Industrial Field : Petroleum , chemical industry , aerospace – rocket launched , ships and nuclear power plant etc .
F:The relationship between head and flow ?
Q:Head : Pumping the water to the height of the highest point
Flow : The number of liquid pumped in unit time
The head is inversely proportional to the flow : Higher the head , the smaller the flow ; greater the flow , the lower the head .
F:What are the common faults of canned motor pump ? How to judge and solve ?
Q:1.The canned motor pump fails to start : The impeller or bearing may be stuck by the medium in pump body , we should remove the dirt or replace the pump .
2.The bearing of canned motor pump damage : Having noise when canned motor pump is vibrating , we should replace the bearing or pump .
3.The motor burn-in : Replacing the pump
4.Low outlet pressure : The impeller damaged and have debris in the entrance . We should replace the impeller and remove debris .
F:Which factors should be considered when pump selection ?
Q:Installation environment / pipeline damage resistance / connection mode / voltage / use environment / transmission medium temperature / the medium cleanliness
F:What are the causes of canned motor pump damage ?
Q:1.Improper selection . We should select proper products according to use environment and the requirements on the medium conveyed .
2.Have not unscrew the deflating screw to exhaust the gas when improper installation or at the initial installation and without water , causing insufficient lubrication during pump cycling .
3.Damage the product parts when handling or during installation process .
F:What will be the faults if canned motor pump applied to air conditioning water ? And how to control ?
Q:The transmission medium temperature will be lower than ambient temperature when the pump applied to air conditioning water and condensed water will easily accumulate in the motor cavity , causing insulation breakdown and lead to motor burn-in . So when selection should pick the products of Shinhoo anti-condensed water structure .
F:Which voltage and frequency can be applied to our products ?
Q:Our conventional voltage is 110V ( 50/60Hz ) , 230V ) 50/60Hz ) , also can make other special voltage and frequency according to the specific needs of customers . What is more , can make the products with single phase or three-phase , single-speed or three-speed .
F:Why dry running of canned motor pump is banned ?
Q:As canned motor pump is lubricated by water and meanwhile cool the motor by water circulation . If running without water for long , will lead to bearing damage or motor burn-in .