F:If the pump is working properly , but when you reboot after the shutdown and the pump cannot be started , then how to do ?
Q:Unscrewing the deflating screw , using a straight screwdriver to put in the axis , if you can dial to move out and no abnormal sound , it will usually be started after re-energized .
F:How does the condensed water produce in the canned motor pump ? What will happen if condensed water appears ? How to avoid ?
Q:When the temperature of transmission medium lower than ambient temperature , there will be condensed water in the motor cavity . The condensed water may make the motor interturn and lead to burn-in . When selection we should determine whether the medium temperature is lower than ambient temperature or not during operation of the pump . If yes , should select which the frame is slotted during the same type of pump . When condensed water appears , the water will flow out of the pump along the groove , so as to protect the motor .
F:What effect does the scale have on canned motor pump ? How to solve ?
Q:The gap between axis and bearing of the pump is very small , the scale will further to reduce the gap and cause interference to run block , even stuck in severe cases . The scale is hardly deposited to stuck during pump’s continuous operation . The axis and bearing may be fully locked if stop running and reboot . For the plastic pump with exhaust valve , the scale will reduce exhaust channel and affect exhaust function . When the pump stops working , the water should be drained from the pump to avoid the scale stuck or soften the water flow through the pump
F:What effect does the particles in the medium have on canned motor pump ? How to solve ?
Q:For booster pump , particles especially which can be absorbed by magnet will reduce the magnetism of automatic valve magnet and lose the function of automatic booster . For the pump with exhaust valve , if particles stuck between the valve mouth and seal plug will has a bad effect on the sealing which leads to water leakage . And if blocking exhaust channel will affect exhaust function . With the use of booster pumps and pumps with exhaust valve users , installing a filter in the water inlet of the pump is necessary . If without the filter , should clean the foreign body on automatic valve magnet regularly . Cleaning the foreign body on exhaust valve or replace the exhaust valve directly .
F:What will happen if without water suddenly when the pump is running ? How to avoid ?
Q:Re our own pumps , the bearing and axis is self-lubricated by the medium . If without water , the axis and bearing will be dry grinding and increase the gap leads to noise , and may burn the motor in severe cases . So it’s not allowed to work in the anhydrous state . Selecting the pump with automatic valve is the best way as it will stop working without water . But our own automatic switch only used in a limited specification . Second is the selection of pump with heat protector . Will cut off the power automatically to stop the pump working to protect the motor not be burned when it’s overheating .
F:What matters should be noted when the users connect the cable by themselves ?
Q:Ensure the wires into the switch slot and clamped , the conductor short-circuit will not exist when it comes to cable joint . Ensure that the nut and cable fully locked to prevent water flow along the cable into the switch causing a short-circuit .